There is a Kegworth Parish Council Cemetery located on Whatton Road. For rules and regulations of the cemetery, please see information below.

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    1. The Cemetery

    Kegworth Cemetery is situated in Whatton Road, Kegworth and is provided by the Council for the use of persons either resident in Kegworth, a past resident of Kegworth or for someone who has never been a resident of Kegworth.

    2. Definitions

    "The Council" means Kegworth Parish Council.
    "Resident" means a person habitually resident or domiciled in the Parish at the time of death.
    "In rotation" means the next available grave space in line with the last grave space used for an interment in respect of which no additional charge was made for choice or elsewhere at the discretion of The Council.
    The word "memorial" includes any headstone, monument, vase, tablet, footstone or other erection on which there is or is proposed to be placed any inscription or lettering.
    "Purchase" does not mean the purchase of the freehold of the land within the Cemetery but the Exclusive Right to Burial for a period of 100 years in the allotted grave or ashes plot.

    3. Notice of Interment

    Not less than forty eight hours prior to interment, previous notice must be given to the Clerk of the Council at 1 London Road, Kegworth. This would include an application form giving all details of the deceased and his/her next of kin, together with a cheque for the Cemetery fees;

    A written Certificate signed by the Registrar of Births and Deaths must be delivered to the Clerk of the Council at least forty eight hours prior to the interment; or

    The Certificate for Disposal of the Coroner's Order for Burial must be delivered to the Clerk of The Council at least forty eight hours prior to the interment; or

    The Certificate of Cremation must be delivered to the Clerk of The Council at least forty eight hours prior to the interment of ashes.

    Interments are allowed by The Council on any day during daylight hours except for Christmas Day, Good Friday or Bank Holidays. Interments on Saturdays and Sundays will be permitted by special arrangement.


    4. Interment Fees

    A list of charges will be approved by The Council each year when setting its Precept. The charges will be different for a resident, a past resident or for someone who has never resided within the Parish. Separate charges will be made for the Exclusive Right of Burial, Interment and Administration. Increased fees will be paid for a past resident or never a resident regardless of whether the burial plot had been previously purchased. A list of fees may be inspected at The Council's Office, 1 London Road, Kegworth.

    5. Hours of Burial.

    Burials may be held during the hours of daylight on the days as set out in 3 above.

    6. Purchase of Grave

    Any person (whether resident or non-resident) may purchase the exclusive right of burial in any grave space in any portion of the Cemetery and may select the situation of the grave space upon payment of a fee. If no grave is selected the Clerk to the Council will select a space which is next in rotation, or elsewhere, at his/her discretion. No interment will be permitted in a new grave unless the exclusive right of burial has been purchased.

    7. Undisturbed Earth

    When more than one body is interred in any grave a layer of earth not less than six inches thick shall be left undisturbed above the previously buried coffin, except in cases where two interments are held at the same time.

    8. Vaults

    No vaults or tombs will be allowed to be erected in the Cemetery.

    9. Memorials

    Applications to erect memorials, in whatever form, together with the proposed inscription, must be submitted to the Council for approval. These must be accompanied by drawings of the proposed memorial together with all dimensions and methods of fixing. The names and addresses of the next of kin, or the person who is to be responsible for the care and maintenance of the memorial, must be given to the Clerk of the Council at the same time as the application to erect the memorial is made.

    10. Right to erect a Memorial

    No memorial will be permitted to be erected on any grave space in the Cemetery unless the exclusive right of burial for a grave space has been purchased.

    11. Memorial Materials


    All materials used for memorials must be of hard imperishable stone, composite stone, granite, marble or slate. No slate headstone shall be less than 21⁄2 inches in thickness, and other stones shall be not less than 3 inches in thickness. The use of wooden crosses will only be permitted for the temporary marking of graves for a period not exceeding six months.

    1. No kerb edges will be allowed in the Cemetery.
    2. No stone, marble, granite or slate chippings will be permitted in the Cemetery

    except for those on existing memorials with kerb edges.

    1. No surrounds will be allowed on graves.
    2. The Council will not be responsible for the protection or maintenance of any

    plants or flowers which have been planted on graves. The Council will not be held responsible for any harm or damage caused to plants or flowers by visitors to the Cemetery or by the Council's grass mowing or grave digging contractors.

    16. Every headstone must be provided with and fastened by pinning into a suitable substantial base, but the base need not necessarily be of the same material as the headstone. The bases should then in turn be fixed and pinned to a stone or concrete slab not less than 3 feet by 2 feet.

    17. The height of all memorials from ground level should not exceed 3 feet; the base shall not be less than 2 ft 0 ins in length and 1 ft 0 ins in width.

    Photographs of the deceased, which are no larger than 5 inches in diameter, will be allowed to be incorporated in headstones.

    The height of all memorials in the Garden of Remembrance shall not exceed 1 ft 6ins in height. The base shall not exceed 1 ft 11 ins wide by 11 ins deep. Vases would be preferred.

    18. Repairs, alterations, etc. to Memorials.

    No hewing or dressing of memorials will be permitted within the Cemetery and mats, canvas or boards must be used to prevent damage to grass or turf when work in connection with erecting, dismantling or repairing memorials is being carried out. All such work when commenced shall proceed from day to day until completed. All memorials are to be kept in repair by the owner, and if not repaired after due notice, may be removed by the Council. Every memorial shall be erected and remain and be moved at the sole risk of the owner and the Council shall not be held responsible for any damage, however caused, which may occur at any time to such memorial.

    19. Plants, Flowers, Ornaments etc.

    The planting of flowers and plants is to be done only by or under the direction of the Clerk to the Council. Artificial wreaths, wooden crosses, glass globes and unsightly ornaments, glass bottles, jars, jugs etc. will be removed by the Authority. Flowers and plants on graves must be kept in order by the person responsible for the planting thereof and the Council reserves the right to dig up and remove any plants and flowers


    at any time when, in the opinion of the Council, the same have become unsightly or overgrown. Cut flowers placed in memorial vases will be removed by the Council if they are dead and look unsightly. Artificial flowers placed in memorial vases should be well secured.

    The grass in the Garden of Remembrance section should be left open and uncluttered for ease of mowing. The Council reserves the right to remove anything which is placed on the grass in the Garden of Remembrance section of the Cemetery.

    20. Admission to the Public.

    The Cemetery is open to the public during daylight hours. The Council reserves the right to close the Cemetery at any time.

    Children under the age of 14 years will not be admitted except under the care of a responsible person, and all visitors will be expected to keep on the central avenue and the paths provided and refrain from touching the shrubs or flowers and to observe perfect decorum at all times.

    Dogs will not be allowed to enter the Cemetery with the exception of assistance dogs. Smoking is prohibited.
    Admission will be refused to any person in a state of intoxication.

    21. Cars and carriages accompanying funerals will be admitted into the Cemetery when necessary, otherwise will park in the layby provided. No other vehicles will be allowed to enter the Cemetery except by prior agreement with the Clerk to the Council.

    22. If any person shall wilfully damage or cause to be damaged anything within the Cemetery then the Council will pursue those found to be guilty of causing such damage for the costs of repairing any damage caused together with any costs incurred in such pursuit.

    Kegworth Parish Council, 1 London Road, Kegworth,

    DE74 2EU.

    February, 2012.

  • 2015 Cemetery Charges (PDF, 60 Kb)

    2015 Cemetery Charges