Cllr Gary Bishop - Chairperson

Cllr Gary Bishop - Chairperson

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After over 40 years working as an electronics design engineer, I retired early due to failing eyesight caused by an inherited condition call retinitis pigmentosa.

This gave me the time to become involved in the Parish Council where I hope my vast engineering experience and problem solving ability are being put to good use to solve some of the issues facing the village and hopefully improve the environment.

I was born and bred in the village and educated locally and although I worked in other parts of the world, I returned home to live in my late parents' house, the one I was born in.

Outside of the Parish Council, I spent quite a bit of time improving the technology available to blind people which I find is appallingly badly designed.

I still enjoy making things in wood, plastic and metal and I have made my own adaptions to machines and tools to allow me to work safely and continue with my enjoyment of making things.