Job Opportunities at East Midlands Gateway

The businesses occupying warehouses at East Midlands Gateway continue to recruit.

To keep updated with opportunities go to the SLPEMG website at

Maritime UK - 300 jobs on the way as operator lands rail interchange deal. Exact details of the jobs available have not yet been released, but we can tell you that...

SEGRO has chosen a company to operate its Strategic Rail Freight Interchange (SRFI) at its East Midlands Gateway development.

Maritime Transport will base its UK headquarters at the 22.5 acre rail terminal which will be capable of handling up to sixteen 775m-long freight trains daily and will provide storage capacity for over 5,000 TEU (the measurement of capacity of container terminals) – which is equal to approximately 55,000 pallets of cargo.

A 20,000 sq ft office will become the Rail Headquarters under the Maritime Intermodal division and will house operations staff, training facilities and parking for a fleet of up to 100 trucks. Completion of the rail freight terminal is expected in late 2019 and the office element in Summer 2020.

This is the first rail freight interchange in the East Midlands and will connect to the Castle Donnington freight line, providing direct access to the UK's network of Rail Freight Interchanges and all major UK Ports.

Kegworth Bypass, New Road Layout & Information

We have been made aware by a number of residents that vehicles are breaching the 'bus gate' at the top of Ashby Road.

Leicestershire County Council, Highways have been informed. They will hopefully consider whether any monitoring needs to be put in place and thereafter, whether any alterations should be made. If you wish to address the issues you are experiencing and witnessing with County Highways directly, please email them to

In addition, we are aware that some HGVs are still coming through the centre of the village. Realistically, it would be impossible to eradicate lorries completely however we are pleased to confirm that numbers of HGVs have dropped considerably. This is evidenced by regular traffic counts which are currently being carried out by the Chairman of the Parish Council.

County Highways advise that it can take up to six months for a new road layout to settle in. After this time, if HGVs continue to breach the 7.5 tonne weight restriction, we will look to carry out monitoring by noting down registration numbers, the date and time of the breach and also the company name of the lorry. We will then contact the businesses directly to advise them. If at the time, you are willing to volunteer to carry out this recording, please contact me here.

Vicky Roe, Parish Clerk

Kegworth Village Consultation

Kegworth village bypass opened at 10am on Wednesday 14th November 2018. It is expected that we will see a reduction of up to 60% in the amount of traffic that currently passes through our village.

"… an almost never ending flow of cars and lorries"

As we've reported in previous communications, we have secured some funding to help us improve the village and explore what we could do with the downgraded A6, post bypass.

"…the centre of our village is dominated by traffic"

For decades, the A6 has carried heavy vehicles and an almost never ending flow of cars and lorries, the road being designed with vehicles and not people in mind.

We now have the opportunity to explore what a 'new' downgraded village road might look and feel like as less vehicles will pass through the centre.

What do we do with all this space when the lorries have gone?

You will already know that the centre is dominated by traffic, with the A6 cutting the centre of it in half. Pedestrians are squeezed into a small space as most of the area is given over to accommodating traffic. There is only one pedestrian crossing point, making it almost impossible to cross the road safely. The noise and fumes are over bearing at times. It is definitely not somewhere you would choose to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon with family and friends!

The Parish Council are working with residents and local businesses to explore what we should do with the downgraded road once the bypass is open.

Before we commission any design work, we want to make sure that everyone in the village has the opportunity to contribute to a 'wish list' for what we hope will become a more attractive village centre.

In March 2017, we held a well-supported public workshop when participants helped to create this 'wish list'.

The 'wish list' so far for our village centre:

  • Reclaim the village centre for people!
  • Create a place that is welcoming, attractive and economically vibrant.
  • Prioritise pedestrians by creating more generous pavements and by making it easier and safer to cross the downgraded A6 by slowing traffic.
  • Reduce traffic noise by calming vehicle speeds.
  • Better, easier and more car parking (whilst also tackling abuse of parking spaces, e.g. 'park and fly').
  • More trees and greenery.
  • Create a better space for relaxation and community events.
  • Create a comfortable waiting area for bus users where the bus stop and bus shelter have enough space to be located next to each other.
  • Welcome visitors by making sure that bypass signage highlights the shops and services in the village centre.
  • Encourage cycling by providing convenient and safe places to park bikes.
  • Elimination of rat runs

The Parish Council then asked residents and businesses to let us have their comments on the 'wish list' so far, including anything that should be added. The closing date for these comments was 1st September 2017; thank you to those of you who contacted the Parish Council with ideas. We received some useful feedback, which was passed on to the Urban Designer.

Having Your Say... continued

The Urban Designer, Stefan Kruczkowski then spent some time working on a 'concept' design for the Market Place. In line with this, the Parish Council gave consideration to other improvements that could be further consulted on. As a result, a village consultation began on 3rd April for six weeks until 15th May. A Newsletter was posted through every door, an online survey was created and we held an open morning at the Parish Office on Saturday 21st April.

Consultation Newsletter - Your Feedback

Thank you to all residents who took time to "Have Their Say". The Parish Council have now considered your responses. Please look out for the August Newsletter that will be delivered through your door explaining all the feedback we received. Further information will be on display in the Parish Council offices.

The August Consultation Newsletter outlines the results of your feedback from the 4 Consultation questions. As can be seen, there is no clear majority in support of the Concept or for it being Costed. The majority of residents are in favour of parking being introduced on Derby Road but are not willing to pay an extra *£3 per month in precept to fund the project. (*based on a Band D property)

There were 5 key themes that emerged from the "any other comments" section of the Consultation questions and these were: Parking, Cost, Traffic Calming, Wait Longer and Other.

The majority of comments related to Parking and this was split into two main areas, namely Market Place/Derby Road and general parking throughout the Village. A few of the most common observations are detailed below:

"A bigger car park is what will encourage people to the Village"

"When I come to the Market Place to shop, I want to be able to park."

"Please do not reduce the amount of parking in the Market Place."

"...agree that parking needs to be added on Derby Road..."

"Extra parking on Derby Road would be a good idea..."

"Parking permits for village residents on ALL streets/roads should be implemented..."

"Residents of Kegworth to have parking permits?"

The Parish Council, as detailed in the Newsletter, are looking into various solutions to alleviate the parking situation on Market Place and at the prospect of introducing parking on Derby Road.

The second area that generated a lot of comment was the question of Cost and funding the project. Here is a brief overview of what was said:

"I'd be willing to pay £3 extra per month, but I'd prefer not to."

"This project should be paid for by Leicestershire CC and North West Leicestershire District Council."

"Will students or landlords be asked to pay?"

"Get money from Landlords and Students who don't pay Council Tax."

"Not fair that Council tax payers have to fund this when they are already paying more than they should with so many student properties not contributing anything."

"I really don't want to pay extra for this."

"I would be prepared to pay a small amount on my Council tax for the right concept."

"On principle, it makes sense that I'd contribute towards something that will improve my quality of life."

There were many comments relating to non-payment of Council Tax by landlords and students; and as detailed in the Newsletter, the Parish Council will be lobbying Andrew Bridgen MP on the matter. Andrew Bridgen MP holds surgeries locally and you can also contact him here. Andrew Bridgen MP and County and District Councillor Trevor Pendleton have agreed to approach large businesses for contributions. We will also be looking for other funding opportunities.

Traffic Calming was also heavily featured with residents keen to express their concerns over speeding traffic once the bypass is open. There were also comments relating to the "rat runs" that exist in the Village. Here are a few things that were said:

"Traffic calming as you come along London Rd to slow traffic."

"Traffic calming all across the road - not the speed humps."

"Need to slow traffic on Ashby Road."

"Traffic calming through the Village to keep the speed down."

"...narrow the lanes with central refuges/ghost islands."

"The bypass does nothing to address this rat run from the A453..."

"Sideley is a "rat run" for traffic from A453."

"I can't see how Station Rd/Sideley will not be a "rat run"."

Again, as detailed in the Newsletter, the biggest issue faced by the Parish Council is that of how to fund traffic calming. The current budget of £227,000 will restrict what we are able to achieve. The Parish Council will be looking into various options such as road markings and signage in order to reduce costs.

The final 2 areas were to Wait Longer to see what changes happen once the bypass is open and Other comments. Here are just a few:

"Best left to see how traffic turns out for 12 months."

"Wait and see what happens once the bypass is open."

"Consideration should be given to wheelchair, mobility scooters and pushchair users..."

"Extra litter bins should be incorporated..."

"I think this would be an amazing look and concept for the Market Place..."

"...some form of toilet where you pay..."

"I think that it is important we return Kegworth to a pretty rural village."

"Fantastic idea - sense of community, safer for children, attractive village centre."

"I welcome the addition of seating areas."

The Parish Council will give all of these comments careful consideration as we move forward. There have been some very positive comments such as "...please don't give up on your intention to improve the Village, it needs it." and "The Parish Council consultation with the Village is welcomed." This is an ongoing process and there will be other opportunities in the future to express your views. Please remember that this is an ongoing conversation...

East Midlands Gateway

Roxhill Developments Ltd is currently developing the East Midlands Gateway on land to the north of East Midlands Airport.

EMG & Segro Logistics Park has its own website, which can be viewed here. There is also a useful map with timeline of works and contact information.

This website will be continually updated and will provide information on the construction works and traffic situation. A Phasing Plan can be viewed here.

Up to date information on traffic and travel can be viewed here.