Job Opportunities at East Midlands Gateway

The businesses occupying warehouses at East Midlands Gateway continue to recruit.

To keep updated with opportunities go to the SLPEMG website at

Maritime UK - 300 jobs on the way as operator lands rail interchange deal. Exact details of the jobs available have not yet been released, but we can tell you that...

SEGRO has chosen a company to operate its Strategic Rail Freight Interchange (SRFI) at its East Midlands Gateway development.

Maritime Transport will base its UK headquarters at the 22.5 acre rail terminal which will be capable of handling up to sixteen 775m-long freight trains daily and will provide storage capacity for over 5,000 TEU (the measurement of capacity of container terminals) – which is equal to approximately 55,000 pallets of cargo.

A 20,000 sq ft office will become the Rail Headquarters under the Maritime Intermodal division and will house operations staff, training facilities and parking for a fleet of up to 100 trucks. Completion of the rail freight terminal is expected in late 2019 and the office element in Summer 2020.

This is the first rail freight interchange in the East Midlands and will connect to the Castle Donnington freight line, providing direct access to the UK's network of Rail Freight Interchanges and all major UK Ports.

Kegworth Bypass, New Road Layout & Information

We have been made aware by a number of residents that vehicles are breaching the 'bus gate' at the top of Ashby Road.

Leicestershire County Council, Highways have been informed. They will hopefully consider whether any monitoring needs to be put in place and thereafter, whether any alterations should be made. If you wish to address the issues you are experiencing and witnessing with County Highways directly, please email them to

In addition, we are aware that some HGVs are still coming through the centre of the village. Realistically, it would be impossible to eradicate lorries completely however we are pleased to confirm that numbers of HGVs have dropped considerably. This is evidenced by regular traffic counts which are currently being carried out by the Chairman of the Parish Council.

County Highways advise that it can take up to six months for a new road layout to settle in. After this time, if HGVs continue to breach the 7.5 tonne weight restriction, we will look to carry out monitoring by noting down registration numbers, the date and time of the breach and also the company name of the lorry. We will then contact the businesses directly to advise them. If at the time, you are willing to volunteer to carry out this recording, please contact me here.

Vicky Roe, Parish Clerk