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Cllr Martin Hawksworth

Cllr Martin Hawksworth

01509 568793

This is my second term on the Parish Council, during my first term I considered it to be a learning curve.

I was pleased to have played a part in the first ONE Kegworth event and the Sideley Recreation Park make over.

It was an honour to have been involved in the organisation of the 30th Anniversary Commemorations of Kegworth Air Disaster which was well organised and very well supported by volunteers from across many organisations in the village.

I remain passionate about finding our local football clubs a home ground within Kegworth as too many of our young sides play outside the village.

One of my goals this term is to help the Council develop the village centre and try and make head way with the parking problems.

Kegworth is a great place to live and people should be proud to live here.

The link to my Register of Interests form is given below:

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