Hello. My name is Nick Hirst. I live in Kegworth with my wife Jude and our two teenage boys Francis and Alexander. We have lived in many places around the country as our careers and family life have developed including Hull, Bingham, Lichfield and Bicester.

I graduated from Aston University a long time ago and since then have worked in the food industry in supply chain, logistics and management roles. My main interests are family life, Shotokan Karate and Ice Hockey (Nottingham Panthers).

In 2014 we moved to Kegworth and feel very much at home in the village. It is great to be in a place to live being big enough to have a wide selection of amenities, but small enough to feel like a community to where you can belong.

Moving into a completely new area was made so much easier by having great community groups and the facilities available all within walking distance, right here in village.

For us it was the Scouts and Kegworth Players Youth Arts, but for others it could be any one of the sports clubs in the village or one of the numerous activities in the Village Hall. Not to mention being able to pop to the local shops, restaurants and great pubs (to be fair, that is mainly me).

I strongly believe that with its natural advantages and existing facilities, the village has a great base on which to thrive both economically and as a community. But it can only do so with the continued energy and commitment of the residents to overcome the challenges facing towns and villages across the country.

When a vacancy on the Parish Council became available, I put myself forward and was co-opted onto the council in February. I volunteered to do this because I want to contribute to making Kegworth an even better place to live, work, play and belong.