Rebuild of the existing wall at St Andrew's Church, Church Gate, Kegworth

This page has been created in order to inform you of the upcoming works which will be undertaken to St Andrew's churchyard wall. Many of you will have seen the current condition of the wall and that it is now failing, despite attempts in the past to repair and replace parts of it.

Under the Local Government Act 1972 and historic agreements, Kegworth Parish Council (KPC) is responsible for the maintenance of St Andrew's Churchyard, including the boundary wall. KPC undertakes four-yearly tree inspections and has commissioned various professionals to assist in the decision-making regarding the wall.

It is recognised by those professionals that the Church wall has undergone many repairs over the decades, but is now beyond repair and in places has become dangerous, therefore it needs to be rebuilt. The roots of six lime trees are entangled in the existing wall, posing a risk and must therefore be removed.

Planning application

Application Reference: 19/01426/FUL - Rebuild existing wall at St Andrew's Church, Church Gate, Kegworth

KPC obtained planning permission which was decided by North West Leicestershire District Council (NWLDC) on 11th January 2021. The rebuild must be carried out in strict accordance, using materials, plans and methods authorised.

To view the full details of the planning application and the decision, go to NWLDC's Planning Applications web page which can be found at:

The finances

  • Click below for the business case the Parish Council developed (pre-tendering) for rebuilding the wall.
  • KPC will be applying to the Public Works Loan Board (PWLB), a statutory arm of HM Treasury, for a loan up to £130,000
  • The loan repayments to PWLB will be up to £13,800 per year for ten years at the current rate.

Traffic management & timescales

Due to the proximity of the wall to the highway, the works must be undertaken with temporary traffic lights in place; the plan for these was approved by Leicestershire County Council.

Works along the full length of the wall between the war memorials and Gastalls (the old post office) will be undertaken first, followed by works to the wall towards Arka.

It is estimated that the works will take a minimum of twelve weeks to complete and the start date will be published along with a timetable, as soon as we have these available.

Comments and questions

If anyone has any questions, wishes to comment on the Church wall rebuild or requires anymore information relating to the planning permission or finances, please contact the Parish Clerk at Kegworth Parish Council, 1 London Road, Kegworth, DE74 2EU, via email at or on 01509 670204. Alternatively you can click here to use the online form.

John Dodson, Architect at Parkinson, Dodson & Associates is also happy to answer any queries and can be contacted directly via email on or 0116 259 8403.