Rebuilding of St Andrews Churchyard Wall that fronts the Market Place at Kegworth

This page has been created in order to inform you of the upcoming works which will be undertaken to St Andrew's churchyard wall. Many of you will have seen the current condition of the wall and that it is now failing, despite attempts in the past to repair and replace parts of it.

We would advise that Kegworth Parish Council (KPC) assumed responsibility for the closed churchyard some decades ago, which includes meeting the cost of the general maintenance of the grounds, including the upkeep of the boundary. The Council has known for some time that works will be required and has therefore been putting money aside from its budget over the past three years.

Planning application

Application Reference: 19/01426/FUL - Rebuild existing wall at St Andrew's Church, Church Gate, Kegworth

To view the full details of the planning application, go to NWLDC's Planning Applications web page which can be found at:

KPC's appointed Architect, John Dodson of Dodson Architects continues to liaise with the Planning Officers on behalf of the Parish Council in order to achieve the permission required for the works. Currently, NWLDC's Conservation Officer is asking for samples of the brick and stone that will be used in the rebuild and these are being provided.

KPC understands that the Tree Officers's report will say that whatever option is taken regarding the rebuild, the lime trees in close proximity to the wall cannot be saved. This is because the roots of the trees are entangled within the current wall's structure. As the roots will need to be severed in order to bring the existing wall down, this disturbance to the ground and roots will mean the trees themselves will become unstable and pose a risk. KPC is extremely disappointed about this however, is also realistic that it should follow expert advice and more importantly, must ensure the safety of users of the church grounds and nearby highway.

It is believed that the Tree Officer will recommend a re-planting scheme of native trees which will be undertaken once all the works are completed.

Tendering process

In order to adhere to strict procurement rules and regulations, KPC must use a Government tool called Contracts Finder to advertise this project which will invite contractors to quote for the works. The Notice is due to be published on Contracts Finder imminently.

Once the tenders have been received, these will be carefully scrutinised by our Architect and recommendations made to KPC. During this process, KPC will take advice from the Local Association and others, should it need to do so.

Funding the rebuild

We know the cost involved to rebuild the church wall will be substantial, but are unsure at the moment exactly how much it will be.

The Parish Council is currently examining its finances and assets thoroughly to pay for the rebuild and to ensure, as much as possible, the cost is not passed on to residents via the precept.

Over the last three years, KPC has already saved £47,000 toward the project. It has further funds available, held within general and ear-marked reserves which can be re-allocated. KPC also owns assets which could either be sold or repurposed. It is also exploring the option of third party donations and grant funding opportunities.

Traffic management & timescales

Due to the proximity of the wall to the highway, the works must be undertaken with traffic management in place, which plan has already been approved by Leicestershire County Council as this had to be submitted to NWLDC along with the planning application.

Works along the full length of the wall between the war memorials and Gastalls (the old post office) will be undertaken first, followed by works to the wall towards Arka.

It is estimated that the works will take a minimum of twelve weeks to complete and the start date will be published along with a timetable as soon as planning permission has been received from NWLDC.

Summary & contact details

As soon as any further information is known, it will be published on this page and shared more widely.

If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk, Vicky Roe, on 01509 670204 or via email on

John Dodson, Architect at Dodson Architects is also happy to answer any queries and can be contacted directly via email on or 0116 259 8403.